AAA Roofing & Construction is proud to bring our characteristic passion for excellence to the exteriors of homes and businesses up and down the Front Range. 20 years in the industry have shown us that you can’t just repair a roof and hope it does the trick. Why? Because your roof works in tandem with your windows, gutters, siding, and exterior paint to keep harmful forces of nature at bay. That’s why we’re happy to repair and install cutting-edge exterior systems while working with your insurance to get you the best price possible.


Key players in your roofing system, gutters carry water away from your roof and prevent it from collecting around your foundation and causing serious damage. Whether they’re leaking, rusting, sagging, or simply getting old, the AAA Roofing & Construction team is here to make sure they can do their jobs.


Windows not only make your spaces more pleasant; they also define your energy bills. Whether they’re outdated or they were installed badly, we can remedy the issue without breaking the bank.


In addition to keeping your home or business looking beautiful, siding acts like armor against the elements. AAA Roofing and Construction has the skill to repair or replace it so you can have peace of mind.


We’re passionate about staying on top of modern painting solutions that offer greater moisture and UV protection to your home or business. Learn more about our painting services and let us be your complete answer.

Complete Roofing Solutions

We go beyond the normal roofing types in order to meet your home or business’s unique needs. Check out the possibilities when you work with us!

● DaVinci — polymer roofing made to look like slate or wood shake shingles
● Decra® — stone-coated steel roofing systems
● Duro-Last® — pre-fab commercial roofing systems
● EPDM — rubber roofing membranes great for low-slope roofs
● Pro-Panel® — low-profile metal roofing systems
● PVC — tough plastic roofing
● Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) — one-ply roofing membranes

At AAA Roofing & Construction, we’re in the business of protecting homes and businesses by making sure their exteriors can do their jobs. You don’t have to compromise beauty for function or break the bank for workmanship that will last when you work with us. Choose AAA Roofing & Construction for all your home’s exterior needs today!