Insurance Claim Specialists

We’ve all seen the dark clouds, felt the wind, and heard the sound of hail pounding our roofs. Big thunderstorms are a normal part of our summer months, but they can take a significant toll on our shingles. Dents, cracks, and bare patches are all possible thanks to hailstorms, and they can be the Achilles’ Heel that ends your roof before its time. There’s no reason for that to happen when AAA Roofing & Construction is here to help. Thanks to our multiple decades of experience with hail repair, we’re experts at spotting it, repairing it, and working with your insurance company to get it paid for.

Northern Colorado is no stranger to hail damage. Whether you’ve had the last straw and are finally determined to upgrade to Impact-Resistant shingles, are in need of roof, siding, or exterior paint repair after a hail storm, or are dealing with a stubborn insurance company to complete your hail damage claim, we are here for you. We handle everything on the insurance side of things to save you time, stress, and money on your roof repair. We can also provide emergency roof repair and services 24/7 if you experience severe damage during a storm that cannot wait. 

Your home insurance plan should cover hail damage, and when the time comes for repairs, your insurance company will need to be convinced that the damage is something they should cover. We know how to identify and document damage so that insurance companies have what they need to accept your claim. We will even work with your insurance on your behalf, leveraging years of experience to move the process along. We don’t want your roof to go unrepaired any longer than it needs to.

We offer:

  • Free first-time roof inspection
  • Our employees are fully trained and certified, both for quality workmanship and safety
  • We can help you file your home insurance claim
  • We can get the job done quickly and efficiently
  • We stay current on all zoning laws, and adhere strictly to any homeowner association guidelines

When your roof gets damaged, you need an ally who will do the heavy lifting and fight for your investment. Let us look after your roof as well as your finances with our hail specialist services. Contact us today.