Residential And Commercial Roofing Services

Roof Repairs

We do everything we can to save you money during our process, and that includes making repairs whenever possible to extend the life of your roof.


Re-roofing is a total-roof renovation that involves adding an additional layer of shingles over the existing ones. While this isn’t always an option, it is often less expensive than a total roof replacement.

Roof Replacement

If re-roofing isn’t an option, for example, if you have significant amounts of rotting, sagging, or missing areas of your roof, then the only option might be to remove the existing roof entirely and replace it to ensure you have a safe structure over your heads.

Roof Installation

Roof installation for new construction is the perfect time to decide exactly what you want from your roof. We will work with your other contractors and project managers to get your new roof installed in a timely manner.

Emergency Roof Services

What happens when a tree falls on your home or a wind storm rips your roof apart? Or what do you do if a portion of your roof is damaged during a fire? These extreme cases require emergency roof services. In order to prevent further interior damage, call AAA Roofing and Construction immediately for an emergency roofer in Northern Colorado. We provide emergency services 24/7 and will typically be able to tarp up the damage as soon as it is safe to get up on the roof and figure out a permanent solution soon after.